Wednesday, August 28, 2013

MinI ZoO No.6 "TimE GoeS By, ToyS NevEr DiE."

Banana Virus, knew him since we both like Michael Lau. Anyhow, back then he already start doing his own hand made works. I do like his Loic bear designs, and I finally did pull the trigger to purchased his Loic Bear that he worked with INSTINCTOY. Like the size and also the multi dimension to the figure. Also received a white hand casted Loic from Virus, I call this little guy "less is more" MinI ZoO. 

His upcoming hand made MinI ZoO No.6 "TimE GoeS By, ToyS NevEr DiE" will release on Sept 1st , this time the figure is limited to 66pcs with 1/10 secret version. Priced at $53 USD plus shipping. So if you are interested in MinI ZoO can e-mail to:

The concept behind this MinI ZoO, is that sometime figure got damaged during shipment or figure been display for a long time color got fade out, but in the end the love for toys live forever.

Loic vinyl figure.

white casted minI ZoO.