Friday, May 24, 2013

Garden(palm)er season one.

Look at the TTF admission tickets design it has a ML design ticket. From the pass TTF, the admission ticket is usually design by the artists that will show case at TTF. Look like ML is going to release a new series at the up coming Taipei Toys Festival from July 11-14. 

If this is true then this will be his first time ever ML is going to TTF. The  admission ticket design is a gardener and it show "garden(palm)er". Guessing is going to be a new series that is palm size?? Season 1 Contain 10 characters from the Gardener, with a bonus 01 character "Young Tatto". Is that mean more season to come? With the amount of gardener...this going to be over 10 seasons.Time will tell......

                           TTF admissioin tickets with artist designs.