Thursday, May 23, 2013

crazytoyzLIFE nominated for Designer Toy Awards.

It come to my attention that I got an e-mail from DTA that my humble little toy blog got nominated for "Best Toy Blog". There are plenty toys blog out there who does a better job then on reporting NEWS in a daily routine, or even take it like a full time job. So for crazytoyzLIFE can get nominated is already a great feeling for me, at least is more like a recognition on what I do and am glad to see it be nominated among all the others great blog.

As some of you know that I am a father since last year July, my daughter is now 10 months old. The most happiest feeling for me now is to hold on to my daughter and walk into my toys room. She smile at the toys and I'm sure she love what she see. I first start off crazytoyz : forum 9 years ago since 2005 and then the blog. The blog gave me a platform to know many peoples around the world that share the same interest like me. Some of my friends even are father now as well. We all grow up, but one things hasn't change is we still collect and love for designer toys.

I didn't stop collecting as most of my friend who became father, they start selling their collection and stopped this hobby. For me, I just can't stop, I can be more selective but I can't stop.

Anyways, click here to vote for -- VOTE crazytoyzLIFE.

Took some random shots last night...