Monday, December 10, 2012

Fools Paradise - Handmade 6.5 Shadow Earthman.

Back in May Fools Paradise released handmade 06 Earthman. Here is handmade 6.5 Shadow Earthman and will be launch in the upcoming Thailand Toys Expo 2013 in January. This will be J.P. Toys exclusive version. Total will be 30 pcs, 20 pcs will be available at the show, the remaining 10 pcs will be available at Fools Paradise web site at a random time. This hand made 6.5 Shadow Earthman, has a new rabbit pet and a controller. Of course coming with new black color suits, hair and glasses. 

KAWS Woodstock.

Look like this will be the last figure from KAWS for this year. Woodstock will be release in Tokyo OriginalFake on December 22nd. Most likely KAWSONE will have it on December 21st. We'll see...

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Michael Lau - " is earth's Xmas ? " le petit prince.

The opening ceremony was held in Hong Kong last night, ML was at the opening at one of shopping mall at causeway bay that has the 7m tall little prince at the top of the building. During the ceremony ML finally reveal the 6" le petit prince figure. The only way to get this figure from Dec 15 - 31 to shop over $3000HKD at Fashion Walk mall to get it for free. This little prince figure look nice and it has a base and is look like his drawing style. But $3000 HKD......

Monday, December 03, 2012

Michael Lau - " is earth's Xmas ? " le petit prince.

This year ML is more focusing on outdoor installation than releasing more products. For a Hong Kong artist like him to be able to go outside of the gallery, to create a bigger works that's the only way to do it. This year X'mas Michael Lau is working with a Hang Lung Group. A largest real estate developers in Hong Kong. That own many shopping malls in Hong Kong. This is a great opportunity for ML to bomb many shopping mall in Hong Kong with this design this X'mas.

This time the installation is called " is earth's Xmas ?" le petit prince. Yes, the little prince that he already did a tee design back in 2006. There will be products going to be release every week, the first round is a mug, then later on will be a 6" le petit prince model. There is questions game to play and if you can answer correctly then will have a chance to win the prizes. Will update once there is more info about products.