Tuesday, October 30, 2012


"The illusion of depressing love." is finally up for pre-order over at Fools Paradise. This 1/4 scale art piece is limited to 200 pcs make by fiberglass and ABS. Priced at $719 USD including shipping. Expect to ship at 1st of quarter of 2013. Again I like how the Vader armors are connected by magnet and is also removable. The black real fabric cape for Vader DaLowFool is a plus. 

I'm just looking at this as a individual piece, and I do dig it. So just the way it is I already placed my pre-order. I don't care if is a StarWars series or not. I'm looking forward to see the package design, or perhaps a numbered certificate. But all in all, this new direction from Fools Paradise is just awesome. I received my KeikoTroopers, judging from that size comparison pictures with the 1/4 KeikoTrooopers. Man this piece is huge. I can't wait to see this in person.