Tuesday, October 30, 2012


"The illusion of depressing love." is finally up for pre-order over at Fools Paradise. This 1/4 scale art piece is limited to 200 pcs make by fiberglass and ABS. Priced at $719 USD including shipping. Expect to ship at 1st of quarter of 2013. Again I like how the Vader armors are connected by magnet and is also removable. The black real fabric cape for Vader DaLowFool is a plus. 

I'm just looking at this as a individual piece, and I do dig it. So just the way it is I already placed my pre-order. I don't care if is a StarWars series or not. I'm looking forward to see the package design, or perhaps a numbered certificate. But all in all, this new direction from Fools Paradise is just awesome. I received my KeikoTroopers, judging from that size comparison pictures with the 1/4 KeikoTrooopers. Man this piece is huge. I can't wait to see this in person.

Friday, October 26, 2012

CoolRain - Break Time.

A new figure samples from Coolrain, featuring Kobe and Dunkeys Pithecuse. I'm sure we will see more of them in 2013.

Astro Boy KAWS version.

Get your F5 key ready for today release of the Astro Boy KAWS version at noon EST over at KAWSONE. Let's see if I'm lucky enough this time to get this. 

***sold out in 2 minutes, it was a quick sell out. Lucky got one.!!***

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Michael Lau - The Madhatter Project.

Finally MINDstyle has send me back the Madhatter by ML. Rain at MINDstyle done a fantastic job on making sure this got resolved professionally. Anyhow, the figure is bigger than I thought and the figure is very colorful. Unlike what ML did on some of his work, this one has to be the most colorful one. The hat is removable and it fit on the head perfectly. All in all another surprise from ML. Actual figure is better than photos.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

KAWS AstroBoy..

Finally the AstroBoy is not exclusive to Nigo anymore. Been waiting for this one. Let's see if is going to be available at KAWSONE. Launching at Tokyo OriginalFake Oct 26. Retail price at 18,900 Yen.