Friday, September 21, 2012

Michael Lau : Project Moon!!!

This is not a Space related project, but related to a traditional Chinese festival called "Mid Autumn Festival". Chinese people do celebrate by eating moon cake, kids playing lantern and check out the full moon on that day. 

Here is a installation by Michael Lau in one of the shopping mall at the residential district called Lok Fu Village" managed by "The Link". He will be designing 3 installation for 3 different shopping mall with different Moon theme. "Moon Welcome" "Moon Watch" "Moon Seek". A giant moon character seating on a Moon Cake shape. There is a limited plastic lantern called "Moon Watch" designed by Michael that actually can light up. Only way to get it is to shop at one of the 3 "The Link" managed shopping mall up to $500 to get it for free. I do like to see an Art installation instead of just selling product after product. This is a great approach by Michael doing this.