Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Michael Lau : Project Moon!!!

Here is the Project Moon "Moon Watch" lantern by Michael Lau. It is a battery operated little lantern with a stick and string. Can also just put on the desk or in your collection cabinet.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Michael Lau : Project Moon!!!

This is not a Space related project, but related to a traditional Chinese festival called "Mid Autumn Festival". Chinese people do celebrate by eating moon cake, kids playing lantern and check out the full moon on that day. 

Here is a installation by Michael Lau in one of the shopping mall at the residential district called Lok Fu Village" managed by "The Link". He will be designing 3 installation for 3 different shopping mall with different Moon theme. "Moon Welcome" "Moon Watch" "Moon Seek". A giant moon character seating on a Moon Cake shape. There is a limited plastic lantern called "Moon Watch" designed by Michael that actually can light up. Only way to get it is to shop at one of the 3 "The Link" managed shopping mall up to $500 to get it for free. I do like to see an Art installation instead of just selling product after product. This is a great approach by Michael doing this.

oh well.....shxt do happen~~!!

Ordered the Michael Lau Madhatter directly from MINDstyle China's office. Package arrived today and it turn out to be a Gary Baseman. I do believe shxt happen sometime, but how to resolve it is the key. Now I'm waiting how this going to be resolve. Other than that....the little Dunkeys by Coolrain is cool. Now make me wanna think about the big one.