Monday, July 02, 2012

Michael Lau - The Madhatter Project.

Mindstyle does announced The Madhatter project back in 2009 base on the Tim Burton Alice In Wonderland movie from Disney. The project consist 4 artists and they are Gary Baseman, Ron English, Mike Shinoda and Michael Lau. ML just posted a sketch of The Madhatter, so first thing come to my mind is this related to this project?! Anyways, it is still fresh news about this Madhatter, still don't know is going to be vinyl or 1/6. The sketch face is ML himself. Let's hope is not related to Mindstyle, cuz the last figure Godfather Horse Head, is such a disappointment of releasing in 10 colorways. One good figure one version is good enough.......

Ron English..

Gary Baseman..

Mike Shinoda..

1/6 Mad Hatter by get the idea how's colorway ML design going to be.