Monday, July 16, 2012

coolrainz - 0709.

Thanks to my great friend Coolrain of this great gift, that he turned me into a 1/6 figures by adding me into the coolrainz. Am glad can be part of the coolrainz series, a series that he turned his friends into 1/6 figures. Now I can truly join together with the rest of the figures. It is a special feeling to see this figure standing in the cabinet.

Being friend with Coolrain for a long time when he is still an animator, at that time he still have time to chat with me on MSN. Now Coolrain formed his own studio and dedicate full time to continue his figure arts and of course his twins. A very very busy man now, and passionate on what he is doing. Now we e-mail each other once in a while to stay in touch, but the friendship is forever.

For this CRZ-0709 he did captured my face and also some of the details on me. Also, is 7th years already for this site. This week I will going into another chapter of my life, my daughter will be coming to this wonderful world. Thanks again CR for this wonderful gift the one and only CRZ-0709.

CRZ wood box.


Dunkey Wallet.