Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Rise Of Pain In Dreams......

Two year ago saw this piece "Pain in Dreams" at the "Glimpse of Truth" exhibition by coarse in Chicago. With 2 years in development for this figure, now coarse if finally offering to collectors around the world to own this piece. The figure is make by vinyl and it sizes at 27" x 14" x 7.4" limited to 200 pcs world wide priced at $5880HKD ($750 USD) including shipping

For Friends and Family members can start pre-ordering their figure now and coarse is also offering no payment for 21 days for Friends and Family members. For all others will have to wait for the release on June 12 exclusively at coarsehkg.com. More detail after the jump......

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fools Paradise - handmade 06 EARTHMAN.

Fools Paradise - handmade 06 Earthman ready for pre-order on May 30 at 8PM Hong Kong time. Figure is limited to 50 pcs and priced at $559 USD with shipping. Looking at the figure photos from Alan, I felt that even this is his sixth hand made figures, but each handmade has something different and added surprise for each handmade. Seeing Alan evolve since Custom Room, and then Boredomsqeezer and now Fools Paradise. 

Like the main color red for Earthman, the rabbit astronaut helmet is just awesome. Handmade does take lots of time and effort to create one figure, not like the factory made one. The head, helmet, shoes, outfit..all are handmade. While I'm still waiting the arrival of DaLowFool, I'm definitely in for Earthman.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fools Paradise - handmade 06 EARTHMAN.

Fools Paradise handmade 05 RAIN is ready to ship, can't wait to receive it. A new character for handmade 06 name "Earthman" added to the Fools Paradise hand made series. Pre-order will start soon. This time the character is wearing a red suit with red hair and having a rabbit style astronaut helmet. For the new version Keiko now is look more like a storm troopers style. A sketch posted last time and now with more teaser images.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Running Horns.

I actually saw this Running Horns few months ago over the net. The artist name UpTempo Lee from Hand In Factory in Korea. Also a member of the Coolrain Studio. So far I see at least 22 characters design for this Running Horns series. 3 of the characters are now available for pre-order and each is limited to 20 pcs. Available characters are Mighty Horn 10.6" ($400), Ad. Vexx 6" ($250) and Fire Horn 9" ($300). They will be hand made by UpTempo and the reason for the price different is because of the figure sizes. I would want to find out more about the sizes, but judging from the pics with a redbull can at least I would get an idea. 

Pre-order can e-mail: tj_park@naver.com 
pre-order period from May 25 - June 30.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wood vinyl Hardy by Michael Lau.

Here come another release from Michael Lau, this time is the 9" wood vinyl figure of Hardy, the founder of Maharishi. The figure is upside down is because Hardy is a Yoga master and he can do that post anytime. This time the figure is limited to 79pcs and in 4 different wood colors. Available now at crazysmiles.com I'll pass on this one, one that I got back in crazyx'mas most of them are not standing straight.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Fools Paradise....

I didn't post that much lately, because so damn busy on preparation on becoming a father in July. But that didn't stop me on collecting. Just have to be more selective on what to get, need to spend it wisely. I'm excited on Fools Paradise handmade 05 RAIN, it got delay few months but is good that finally going to start shipping next week. The giant resin DaLowFool will start shipping the week after too. While the RAIN is being delay but Alan already started working on the handmade 06. From the spy photos look like the figure is an astronaut, but with a rabbit style. Looking forward to that.