Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gardener 108 - ZEX.

Just landed in Hong Kong and upon opening up facebook saw these new images of Gardener 108 ZEX. The vinyl form does capture action man figure body element same as the 12". Still no words if there will be more gardener vinyl will be release on the Mar 1 - 11. ZEX is priced at $848 HKD ($110 US) + Shipping. Price for 6" gardener vinyl is gone up so much, compare to before priced at $500 HKD for a 6" gardener vinyl. The bear is not going to be part of the 108 ZEX package, let's see if ML will sell this seperately. Still have to give credit to ML that now finally international collectors can purchase his works through his web site.

the bear, camera and book is not included.