Thursday, December 15, 2011

Coarse's casting shadows pain - Soul & Signature edition.

Just received this info. from coarse about their last release for this year. For coarse their PAIN edition is usually what coarse collector are aiming for. Now for the Casting Shadow Pain will come in two edition. Soul and Signature edition, with some different in both versions from the package to the figure. More info after the jump.

coarse's casting shadows pain will be available in two editions.

soul edition (HK$ 3680 — including shipping) is limited to 200 pieces and comes packed and encased in an impressive, wooden, 5 colour truetone screenprinted chest, complete with elastic draw cords. The soul edition will be available on December 20, 2011 at (07:59 am Los Angeles, 10:59 am New York, 04:59 pm Hamburg, 11:59 pm Hong Kong).

signature edition (HK$ 2820 — suggested retail price in Asia) will hit stores in spring 2012. The figures are securely embedded in black sponge, and packaged in a smooth all matte-black corrugated cardboard box. Closed with an interactive pop up sleeve which allows you to eye-witness how blood streams out of noops mouth and nism says "good bye".

Both editions include the noop [7'' / 18 cm], heart-crossed, bleeding and padded with bandages, accompanied by nism [4'' / 10 cm], his pod emblazoned with a shark snarl pattern and finished in a light shifting high-shine gloss finish, a coarse vinyl first. The noop is ready for you to set up his looming paw! kite [14'' / 35 cm] and take flight. The scenario is completed by a set of bloody c-o-a-r-s-e alphabet leaves, for you to scatter around them in loving memory.