Monday, November 07, 2011

Brothersworker 10th anniversary exhibition...

Haven't been update for a while, was busy for work traveling back to Asia...and got sick after returned from that hectic life. Received few pieces into the collection....will share with you all later. 

Mean while, Brothersworker finally is reunited again to create their upcoming 10th anniversary exhibition @ Hong Kong LCX from Nov 20, 2011 - Jan 2, 2012. Expect to see a new series, new works. Brothersjoker is finally going to turn into products, the first release will be BJ HAMMER in color version and mono tone version from the series. This got me so excited. They are busy sculpting some Brothersworker sculpture for the exhibition. Brothersworker is one of the series that got me into 12" figures, It would be good to see them release the remaining characters.