Saturday, November 26, 2011

Amoebahood - Dynamicduo 10th anniversary.

Korean hiphop group, Dynamic Duo is celebrating its 10th anniversary with various special project and performances.

One of the highlights is the Dynamic Duo, the exhibition in SangSang Plaza from the 25th NOV to the 4th Dec. It will focus and show their history of 10 years with different sectors of artists participating.

Fans will have the rare chance to see Amoebahood figures composed of Dynamic Duo special 7 characters. For this projects, figure artist Coolrain, Visual art, members own paintings collaborated together. Also hiphop designer GFX, photo artist Choi, Jae Won and art director Kim, Dae Hong joined.

In the exhibition, they will show and sell "Amoebahood", a blind box of limited Edition.Amoebahood will include gaeko, choiza(Dynamic Duo members), Musician team Supreme Team of Amoebaculture, Primary(producer), its trademark Horse, and Gorilla with secret box format.

And one special Golden secret figure, if anyone who discover this one, Dynamic Duo is going to give surprise performance event for him or her only.

And Special 100pcs wood case for exhibition include special cd, casette tape and 7 amoebahood characters and so on...

Order the special 100pcs wood case Dynamicduo for $335 US. Check out the content and order at coolrainz. Order the Amoebahood blind box figure here for $27 US each or $289 US for a box of 12 pcs.

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