Saturday, September 24, 2011

Michael Lau - 12" crazychildren king.

Just returned from Tokyo, and saw many updated pictures of this figure around the net. Finally reveal the figure and the price. Priced at $3300 HKD...($425 US) excluding shipping, but why exclude shipping? Limited at 800pcs and the order time is 11 days from Sept 29 - Oct 9 world wide at

The figure does look BIGGER than the 12" crazymichael and of course the vinyl CC KING. The throne look massive and the little crazymichael is a nice touch. From the sketch I think the figure head mouth can be open & close to expose the tongue of the figure. Hair is flocked, the gold crown is made by metal. Just price tag look a bit too much, it would be better if the shipping is included. Not sure if this figure is produced by Hot Toys again same as the crazy michael. I will probably go for it, and will have to delete some want to buy list items on my list just to get this piece. 

Name: Child. F
AKA. CrazyChildrenKing or CC KING
Height: 12" (may vary)
Weight: Fluctuate depends on $ spent on his collection
Born: 2001
Place: Hong Kong
Nationality: crazychildrenkingdom
Population in CC Kingdom: 1
Appointment of Kingdom: Self-Named
Personality Style: Grassroot
Physical Feature: One Eye Open, One Eye Shut
Interest: Michael Lau Collectible Figure
Recent Favorite: 12" CrazyMichael

crazychildren king ( CC KING ) - Born in 2001, Child. F
Lives in his own palace built with the many parcels he ordered from all over the world. Each parcel holds a piece of michael lau collectible figure that holds dear to his heart.

CCKINGDOM is a one man empire by Child. F where his royal title is a self named status.

CCKING splurged most of his capital in acquiring collectible figure by michael lau. Hence, his own grassroot presentation.

His one eye open, one eye shut feature expresses CCKING'S contradicting attitude towards his spending behaviour on michael lau's collectible figure - feeling guilty on one hand yet happy and content on the other. His most recent favorite collection as he is holding in his hand is the 12" crazymichael action figure!