Monday, September 05, 2011

Dunkeys Evolve with Dave White.

Coolrain X Dave White "Dunkeys Evolve" exhibition @ Gallery Imazoo, Seoul

With his distinctive street figure friends and NBA series 1, Dunkeys is his most loving symbol of coolrain. Last few years, we have seen some developments of Dunkeys concept and variations. Coolrain tried Dunkeys with robotic arms, stormtrooper, Hellboy, KingKong, Cyborg etc. Dave White collaborated once Dunkeys with rotic arms in Seoul. He really loves Dunkeys collections. Especially stormtrooper version is his favorite. This time, Dave White participated and challenged to draw all of 8 Dunkeys being exhibited in this "Dunkeys Evolve".So, the right title of the exhibition is "Dunkeys evolve with Dave White". This is rare case of collaboration between artist of painting and Design figure.

You could find vivid look how Dunkeys has evolved at present and will evolve also. Lots of interesting versions of Dunkeys this time, especially luxurious leather version and cute Dunkeys icon figure painted by GFX. Also Dunkeys in fine jewelries of Sean, Kim's urbandna.

Gallery Imazoo, Seoul
735-33, Yuksan 1 Dong
Kangnam Gu
TEL:02) 5457-1950