Friday, September 30, 2011

Fools Paradise : handmade 05 - RAIN.

The last handmade 04 - LOWFOOL from the Fools Paradise series will start shipping next week. The next hand made 05 - RAIN will be coming soon for pre-order. RAIN is a new addition character to the Fools Paradise series. So far the poster just shown a 1/6 umbrella accessories from the figure. Can't wait to see more about this figure.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Michael Lau - 12" crazychildren king.

The CC KING is up on shipping is set in December. More detail images of the figure after the jump.

Michael Lau - 12" crazychildren king.

The KING is coming Shipping in Hong Kong is free, the rest of the world is $330 HKD ( $42 US ). The figure is ready to ship in December by EMS from Hong Kong.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Michael Lau - 12" crazychildren king.

2 more days ( for north America ). 1 days to go for Asia to order the 12" CrazyChildren King - Child. F. at on SEPT 29 Hong Kong Time. It is confirmed that the figure is produced by 12" topper "Hot Toys". More images of the figures is reveal by ML, specially the Visvim style slippers for the figure. Child. F. also has a long cape but is a window curtain. The figure head mouth can be open and close...once the mouth is expose the tongue. ha~ The figure golden box is massive at the size of 25 X 25 X 50CM...GROSS WEIGHT: 3.5KG. Is a surprise to see a 12" can turn it this way....look like vinyl..but is a 12" instead. More images after the jump....

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Michael Lau - 12" crazychildren king.

Just returned from Tokyo, and saw many updated pictures of this figure around the net. Finally reveal the figure and the price. Priced at $3300 HKD...($425 US) excluding shipping, but why exclude shipping? Limited at 800pcs and the order time is 11 days from Sept 29 - Oct 9 world wide at

The figure does look BIGGER than the 12" crazymichael and of course the vinyl CC KING. The throne look massive and the little crazymichael is a nice touch. From the sketch I think the figure head mouth can be open & close to expose the tongue of the figure. Hair is flocked, the gold crown is made by metal. Just price tag look a bit too much, it would be better if the shipping is included. Not sure if this figure is produced by Hot Toys again same as the crazy michael. I will probably go for it, and will have to delete some want to buy list items on my list just to get this piece. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Casting Shadows.........

Upon return from Tokyo, glad to see a coarse carton box on my office desk. This is the figure that I first spot it at the glimpse of truth exhibition in Chicago and fell in love with. Although the figure color and the kite is a bit different then the one at the exhibition, still feel that the figure is the one I saw at the exhibition. Love the feeling of loneliness, hopeless, depress and dark feeling of the figure.

Keiko. Sleepwalk In Wonderland.

Fool Paradise : Keiko - Sleepwalk In Wonderland is the new addition to the Keiko series, first release was the Sexy Keiko then following was Confuse Keiko. This time the design is playing the Winnie the pooh theme to the figure. Again the figure is make by resin with magnet for the hand joints. Pre-order start on Sept 27 priced at $180USD each, limited to 299pcs will ship in December.

Almost Normal X Michael Lau.

Almost Normal is a jewelry and watch brand created by Florance Yip (Mrs. Lau) since 2009. The name of the watch set is called "270 degrees", is a reference to the brand symbol, the owl, which can actually rotate its head to 270 degrees contrary to that myth. For a set including a watch created by Florance Yip, and an exclusive 6" Owl by Michael Lau in a box available in limited edition at Colette.

Limited edition of 79 pieces in the world for the Silver and Gold, and 39 pieces for the Pink gold colorway priced at $400 USD excluding shipping.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Michael Lau - 12" crazychildren king.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of crazy children series. Surprisingly ML decided to release a 12" crazychildren KING "Child F". Even more surprise is that he finally activate his for ordering this figure world wide, starting from SEPT 29 - OCT 9. Price and edition size is still not available at this moment. The content of this 12" figures - Child.F, Crown, Throne, Cloak, Slipper, Little crazymichael.

Child.F - crazychildren KING vinyl.( curious to see how the 12" turn out.)

Monday, September 05, 2011

Dunkeys Evolve with Dave White.

Back in 2009 the 1st  Dunkeys evolve exhibition Dave White just did one Pithecuse painting for the exhibition, but this time Dave White did 8 paintings for the show, here for the folks that wouldn't attend the exhibition, my good friend CR gave crazytoyzLIFE a exclusive preview of this exhibition and Dave White paintings. More after the jump...

Dunkeys Evolve with Dave White.

Coolrain X Dave White "Dunkeys Evolve" exhibition @ Gallery Imazoo, Seoul

With his distinctive street figure friends and NBA series 1, Dunkeys is his most loving symbol of coolrain. Last few years, we have seen some developments of Dunkeys concept and variations. Coolrain tried Dunkeys with robotic arms, stormtrooper, Hellboy, KingKong, Cyborg etc. Dave White collaborated once Dunkeys with rotic arms in Seoul. He really loves Dunkeys collections. Especially stormtrooper version is his favorite. This time, Dave White participated and challenged to draw all of 8 Dunkeys being exhibited in this "Dunkeys Evolve".So, the right title of the exhibition is "Dunkeys evolve with Dave White". This is rare case of collaboration between artist of painting and Design figure.

You could find vivid look how Dunkeys has evolved at present and will evolve also. Lots of interesting versions of Dunkeys this time, especially luxurious leather version and cute Dunkeys icon figure painted by GFX. Also Dunkeys in fine jewelries of Sean, Kim's urbandna.

Gallery Imazoo, Seoul
735-33, Yuksan 1 Dong
Kangnam Gu
TEL:02) 5457-1950

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Dunkeys Evolve with Dave White.

The 4ft. wood pithecuse statue is done and stood in the Dunkeys Evolve exhibition ready for the opening today. Paintings by Dave White will also show case in this Dunkeys Evolve exhibition.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Dunkeys Evolve with Dave White.

The wood sculptor Huh Yong is still working hard on the 4ft. Pithecuse wood sculpture for this coming Sunday the opening for Dunkeys Evolve with Dave White in Korea. Can't wait to see how this 4ft. and the 12" wood sculpture turn out.