Monday, August 08, 2011

Coolrain x seman 10cm : Pithecuse wood pattern ver.

We first saw this Pithecuse statues by Coolrain Studio X Seman 10cm exhibition in the 1st Coolrain studio exhibition a long with the big versions. The statues is make from resin and hand painted in wood pattern stand 12" tall, limited to 100 pcs with a wood box package. 

Priced at $650USD each, max purchase is 2 pcs per person, pre-order date from AUG11 - SEPT3. ->PRE-ORDER<- After pre-order date price increase 20%. Since is a handmade item, so it need about 80 days. Like the design of this statue especially the clean shape, the statues is not just painted in wood but the sculpt is also have the wood textures on them, what even cool is that the little leafs will be added on the heart of the statues. more images after the jump.....

statues first show at the 1st Coolrain Studio Exhibition.
This is the coolest detail on the wood statue. CR confirmed is going to be on the statue.

Here is the wood pattern statue proto with all Dunkeys head sculpts.
Hope CR will release that Troopers in the future....