Monday, July 04, 2011

Coolrain Studio 1st exhibition.

Coolrain formed his own studio called "Coolrain Studio". He continues to work on his own hand made figure and at the same time to create some new vinyl toys. "Coolrain Studio 1st exhibition" held at Square One Gallery W.D.S. in Seoul from JULY 1-JULY 15. Featuring figure and graphic works from CoolRain, GFX, Seaman10cm, Sean Kim, Lady Brown, Rockoon, Uptempo and P2PL.

The new wood statues size Dunkeys catch my eyes, the design and the shape is so clean with the touch of the leafs and the wood just awesome. The HellBoy Dunkeys and the Vader & Troopers Dunkeys is the other piece that look amazing. There are some other pieces that look cool. Not sure if this is the line up that Coolrain Studio will release in the future, but is good to see CR doing more than just his hand made 12". More images after the jump.