Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hot Toys : HellBoy II

Been a HellBoy fans for so long and I remember back in 2004 I got a chance to see the handmade HellBoy 12" figure by Gorae SH. Kim from my friend. And sadly I can't be able to purchase one at that time.

Now five years later, Hot Toys get Gorae SH. Kim to sculpt the head, hand and body for this HellBoy. I have to say the head sculpt is way better than the hand made one. But I do like how Gorae used real hair for the hand made one and inserted eye balls. Painting for this HT one is by J.C. Hong. All the accessories that come with the figure are so detail.

Abe Sapien is sculpted by Pan Mak, there are magnet in the goggle and that made is easily to put on the figure head. The breathing apparatus even make it look like there is water inside. HT is really good at detail.

Highly recommand to all HellBoy fans......these two figures are awesome....!!

PS: added a belt to my Brian HellBoy....haha..!!