Thursday, May 07, 2009

3A Associates.

Received this 3AA package last week, the whole package is well put together. The emblem on the box is cool. Each box are numbered and the figure that come with it also numbered. Membership card it has your name on it. I thought the figure is going to be a very small one, but I think this size are good. The paint job on the figure is fantastic. A 3A black tee is coming with the package as well.

The great deal of being a member is able to get 3A figures ahead of time with discount. And of course exclusive figure like this Gebi de Plume. I do like the 12" and some robot from 3A, through out this year I'm sure the membership will do me good.

PS: Just got the Gebi de Plume....and is limited one per customer...100 pcs sold out in less than a minute..sorry for the friends that asked me for help....I can't get it for ya.