Monday, May 25, 2009


Wanna change the look of this site since last year, some of my close friends know this for more than a year. Now....finally got it done and do like the new look.

To all my reader...I will start to post in crazytoyzLIFE instead of my blogspot from now. Please bookmark this new site.

crazytoyzLIFE <-- See you all there.

Friday, May 22, 2009

KAWS X Sorayama

When everyone getting ready for the 4' dissected companion. Here is a new crossover work from KAWS X Sorayama. Will release soon and with a very limited numbers and very select accounts. The 33cm high and 3kilo metal figure with movable parts will be released in two colorways, silver/chrome and black/chrome.

A matching tee will also be released in two colorways, black and white. The figure has a price tag of $1400 US. The tees will go for about $112 US.

KAWS is getting expensive and hard to get now....!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DoubleLine - Fools Paradise.

"DoubleLine" first release in summer the Fools Paradise series. First character "Kids", this figure is going to be a statue and price still not available yet. The rest of the characters will relesae later on.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Michael Lau x MINDstyle --- SNAKE SQUARE S007‏

Michael Lau's SNAKE SQUARE S007 x MINDstyle

The latest and exclusive new figure is one of the more
limited color versions as MICHAEL LAU continues his
collaboration with MINDstyle.

Michael Lau x MINDstyle --- SNAKE SQUARE S007
Color: Monotone
Size: 6"
Price: USD $125.00

A must for any true collector. Without question, 2009
is the year of Michael Lau - one of the original pioneers
of the vinyl movement as he celebrates his 10th anniversary
with his first ever USA exhibition presented by MINDstyle.
Scheduled for release this month on his road to Los Angeles

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Business trip again......

Going back to Hong Kong and China for business, come back in a week time. Will definitely meet up with some friends and "P" gave me an mission to buy her stuffs.

PS: mankac......I'll see you next time in HK. Safe trip to Indonesia.

Hot Toys : HellBoy II

Been a HellBoy fans for so long and I remember back in 2004 I got a chance to see the handmade HellBoy 12" figure by Gorae SH. Kim from my friend. And sadly I can't be able to purchase one at that time.

Now five years later, Hot Toys get Gorae SH. Kim to sculpt the head, hand and body for this HellBoy. I have to say the head sculpt is way better than the hand made one. But I do like how Gorae used real hair for the hand made one and inserted eye balls. Painting for this HT one is by J.C. Hong. All the accessories that come with the figure are so detail.

Abe Sapien is sculpted by Pan Mak, there are magnet in the goggle and that made is easily to put on the figure head. The breathing apparatus even make it look like there is water inside. HT is really good at detail.

Highly recommand to all HellBoy fans......these two figures are awesome....!!

PS: added a belt to my Brian HellBoy....haha..!!

MINDstyle...23 TwoThree.

Received this MINDstyle twothree blue jersey version. The first thing that I notice on this figure is that the white color is pearl white, not just flat white color. Other than that the rest are same as the Bulls twothree.

MINDstyle will be doing a lot with ML this year, especially the 10th annivesrary in L.A. Look forward to this event for sure.

3A Associates.

Received this 3AA package last week, the whole package is well put together. The emblem on the box is cool. Each box are numbered and the figure that come with it also numbered. Membership card it has your name on it. I thought the figure is going to be a very small one, but I think this size are good. The paint job on the figure is fantastic. A 3A black tee is coming with the package as well.

The great deal of being a member is able to get 3A figures ahead of time with discount. And of course exclusive figure like this Gebi de Plume. I do like the 12" and some robot from 3A, through out this year I'm sure the membership will do me good.

PS: Just got the Gebi de Plume....and is limited one per customer...100 pcs sold out in less than a minute..sorry for the friends that asked me for help....I can't get it for ya.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Ashley Wood - Gebi de Plume.

The 3AA exclusive Gebi de Plume limited 100 pcs will be available tomorrow. If figure is not sold out in the first hour, it would be offer to the public. Get ready all 3AA.

I just received my 3AA package last week, and loved the tee and the figures. The membership card is a nice touch, will take some pics soon.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Kaws - 4ft. dissected companion.

site updated with this 4ft. dissected companion. The release is for 3rd anniversary of OriginalFake, then is that mean this figure is going to release in May~??!

This one gotta be tough....let's hope it will be available at KAWSONE and will ship internationally.