Sunday, March 15, 2009

Michael Lau - CSBOOTH16 - Gardener Still.

This coming weekend is the CSBOOTH16, from the previous ads we all know Brian and Elsa is going to release. Now we are also confirmed that Lazy Brian, Young Brian and Young Elsa is going to be part of the release too. The chase Hellboy figure for Brian and Marge Simpson for Elsa is still a mystery.

The package for Snake Square is bigger than all the others package, the pixelized image that we saw last time, now it shown clearly that it is the crocodile Snake, and also come with the Snake Hair wigs for Square....hahaa..!!

From this Milk magazine layout from Tomm, the topic it said "Landing in U.S - Gardener 10th Anniversary" presented by MINDstyle. Reason for that is because on September 29 (birthday of Gardener), there will be an Exhibition in Los Angeles
. Finally after 10 years...he is coming to North America.

Brian, Young Brian, Lazy Brian, Elsa, Young Elsa @ $450 HKD each. ($58 US)

Snake Square @ $650 HKD each. ($83 US)