Thursday, March 26, 2009

CSBOOTH16 : aftermath....

Just finished CSBOOTH16 last weekend and this is a start for Gardener 10th anniversary at L.A. ML this time didn't follow what he did before for the secret figures, and many collectors thoughts that he will release Hellboy and Marge Simpson style figures, and the HELLBOSS as well. But he is only changing color for the secret figures. And the secret figures are less than before, ratio is 25:1 and many collectors didn't expect the number are that low.

Snake Square suddenly has a brown and black versions during the release, many collectors at the event wanna get all 3 colors. In the end all of the CSBOOTH16 products (each limited to 250 pcs) all SOLD OUT.

ML want to have CSBOOTH17 before the Gardener 10th anniversary in September. It will be a brand new series that we all waiting for. Finally something new and fresh. Better start saving now.....!!