Friday, February 27, 2009

Apexplorer : ICE : Hand Made.

For those that ordered the Apexplorer : ICE : Hand Made by Winsoncreation back in last year December and it was limited to 20pcs. Here are some update pics of the work in progress. Hand casted heads, hands and of course the hand made jackets.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kaws - OF companion bearbrick.

Release in Tokyo OriginalFake store this coming Saturday KAWS OF companion Bearbrick.

More detail at --> freshnessmag.

Friend told me that the Bearbrick will be available at KAWSONE, hope that is true.

Coolrain : Woosra (fire version).

Coolrain handmade figure here come a character name "Woosra" Fire version. This character was exhibit and part of the Dunk Be True Gallery in Korea last year. Each figure is hand made to detail by Coolrain and limited to 10 pcs. Pre-order start on March 1 and can expect the figure to be shipped at the end of May. Each figure cost US$700.

e-mail to order :

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kaws - OF companion bearbrick.

Spot this pic on evilBay, some seller already start selling this OF bearbrick. 1000% already selling at $899 USD each. 400% selling at $399 USD. That's I'll just wait after the release, see if the price will drop.

Anyways, I remember last year when I was in Japan OF shop I try to take a pic of the White Troopers that are on display. They OF staffs ran at me like wanna to kill this guy who took the pics must did a lot of work to get it.

By the way...some dude did a photochop work and I think if the OF bearbrick look would be much better. -->OF Bearbrick<--

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Michael Lau - CSBOOTH16 - Gardener Still.

CSBOOTH16 is going to be held March 21 and 22 at Michael Gallery, this time is called "Gardener Still" same as CSBOOTH15.

From the poster we can tell that this time the main Gardener character is going to be Brian. And notice the back there is a Hell Boy shadow. With the previous figure with one secret, this Hell Boy might be the secret figure for Brian. And I'm sure we can expect more Gardener characters this time and of course with their secret figures.

By the way, why HELLBOY....?! Because when ML design the original Brian he is actually influence by of course his skater's friend Brian and also Mike Mignola HellBoy character. doubt the secret is going to be HellBoy...!!! Back in 2001 Japan Bandai released Brian, I have to say that figure is top notch quality, maybe is because is made in Japan. I'm anxious to see this new version.

God...all the great release coming all at once...KAWS bearbrick...and now CSBOOTH16....!!!

**More info in the crazytoyz : forum.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Kaws - OF companion bearbrick.

OF is going to release this dissected Bearbrick on Feb 28. And on Feb 28 will only release the brown version. You can expect to see the mono tone and the black version in the future.

OF bearbrick come in three sizes 1000%, 400% and 100%. The price is not too bad for the 1000% priced at 27,000 yen ($290 USD), 400% at 8190 yen ($88 USD), 100% at 1575 yen ($17 USD). Let's wait and see if
KAWSONE going to have up for sale soon. I need a 1000%......

It will look a lot better if the dissected part are new sculpt in 3-D.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Michael Lau : MINDstyle....twothree.

White is the new black.....look's like MINDstyle version is not Black on Black anymore. Check out this MINDstyle version Twothree. (excuse the photo quality.) Wearing Washington Warriors color scheme Jersey.

Twothree suppose to be a chase figure during CSBOOTH15, each version is produce in a very limited number. ATS member will get the chance to purchase this 2 rare figures first, all the remaining will be available at selected MINDstyle retailers.

Ashley Wood - TK.

Another Tomorrow King "Data liberator AKI" by Ashley Wood 3A is going to release on Feb 24 for 48 hours. Available at the Bambaland store. According to Ash that this Aki is going to be a little different, well....let's see how different it is...!! But for me is enough of this version.

What excite me is the OYABUN TK, Ash actually did a painting of Oyabun, from the shadow of the Oyabun is look like he is indeed wearing a large jacket and holding two swords. Available at Bambaland by March.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

KAWS opening at Honor Fraser..

KAWS will be opening his art show at L.A. on Feb 21 at the Honor Fraser. The show will run til April 4.

Heard that KAWS next release will be the dissected bearbrick in 1000%, 400% and 100%. Stay tune on this.....


coarsetoys finally got their online shop coarseHKG up and running now, PAW is sold out and JAWS is not available at the moment. Next round release for the JAWS will be available in coarseHKG soon. Stay tune or subscribe to their newsletter for notification.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Ron English - Grin.

Is not news...but yes I ordered this Grin by Ron English released last month in HK, produced by Garage Works. Like how he turned Charlie Brown to this.....!! Figure is about 7" tall...don't know the edition size, there will be brown version release later.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Even more coarsetoys...

Here is the coarsetoys Noop JAWS key chain, phone charm...or you can just treat it as a mini figure....!!! Figure is about 2.5" tall......a mini-me version of JAWS.

Heard that PAW! Pain version is sold out, same as the JAWS...but there will be another round release for JAWS...stay tune for those that miss it.


on CBS.....

Saturday, February 07, 2009


I visited Maharishi dpmhi store when I was in London last week. Realize that everything is go on sales. 50% off on Michael Lau figures. And all of the Hardy private collection is all clear out. All cabinet turned into product display, but there are not much selection there to choose from. But I did picked up a mono tone crylon. After I return back to Toronto, my London friend told me that both dpmhi and Maharishi store are closed for renovation.

But, some on Maharishi facebook said they are on liquidation. But in their site it indicated they are closed for renovation. Anyhow...time will tell.

PS: Nice to meet you in London Bryanc.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Alan of Boredomsqueezer : Fools Paradise.

Alan from Boredomsqueezer new work, this time he is on his own and is called "Fools Paradise". I first saw his Fools Paradise illustrations in his Doubleline Blog last year July. Recently Alan start sculpting the character "Zoo" and will be doing something in 2009.

Story behind "Fools Paradise"......
Zoo, Keiko and Kids are the members of Fools Paradise, Fools Paradise is a name of a room in a mental hospital, this room is only for those that been stress out from work and daily life pressure. The creation for Fools Paradise is around the patients in this room and what they imagine.

Get ready to see a new approach from Alan and his Fools Paradise.