Saturday, January 31, 2009

More coarsetoys....

During my stay in HK I visited Mark Landwehr at coarsetoys, one of the reason of course is to meet a friend that known for sometimes already. Well...not to mention I gotta picked up the PAW and JAWS. Similar time last year....I was at coarsetoys to picked up the 1:3 Pain version. Haha....and this year similar time.....I'm there again for this new release.

JAWS is top notch quality and also not to mention the stunning wooden box packaging design. Each figure has a noop shadow number cert. and edition size is limited to 100 pcs and mine is #07 / 100. Size of the figure is about 14" tall. A very cool figure indeed.

I also picked up the Pain version PAW, this is the version that I saw last year at coarse workshop and that's the one I like. Rainbow and Blackout version are good....but to me Pain version is truly the original coarsetoys Pain PAW. Again...great package and love the protection foam and the fabric bag with a little carrot banana plush, a nice touch.

All in all......great least to me they are something new in design. Always enjoyed the design, simple form and shape. A little hint for all the coarsetoys fan.....if you like "Noop false friends" will be release this year. I'm lucky enough to saw the PAW vinyl sample. Another exhibition probably will be held in 2010. Mark told me that many peeps are keep on e-mailing coarse to ask for the Pain PAW...not to mention the JAWS as well, but is too bad that the pre-order 100pcs has been SOLD OUT...!! Whoever missed the first release, you'll have another chance to get JAWS. Suggest you subscribe to coarsetoys news letter. Mark are overwhelm that many peeps are supporting coarse. I suggested him do this full time.

Thanks the 2 pictures that turned into a more personal cert. and I enjoyed the chat and had a wonderful time at coarse. Is a great feeling to be able to own the figures before anybody.....thanks.

PS: took a lot more photos that I usually does...for this two pieces. The actual figure will amaze you for sure.