Monday, January 05, 2009

0709's collections.......

Before Christmas I finally got my figures room all set up. Invited friends over for house warming plus Christmas party. All of them just gave me an "O" mouth look and say I'm crazy. I had a great time just to show them each pieces and educate them a bit about it. Because I don't want them to think these are KIDS toys. are my collections for over the pass 9 years, I still remember the first piece I bought. I don't want to take photos just on the figures. I'm the type of person that enjoy looking at the photos background more than the here you go..!! See if you know any of the pieces.

This is the place where I take pictures of the new toyz that I received and also a place for me to relax after work. My boy OREO like to sleep in this room too.

PS: Blythe is not belong to me.....!!!