Friday, December 12, 2008

move on......!!

After return from Hong Kong & Japan, I have been non-stop at work and personal life. Move to a new place with "P" and trying to clean up a bit and set up the room for my toyz. Here is a little corner of my room...still a big mess..!!

Recently received the Nike Air Crazy Force 1 and the Soft : Juno : Hard figures set. The concept behind the Air Crazy Force 1 is just amazing, how ML turned the shoe box into a mental hospital. Like the rough sculpting style on the crazy michael. The Soft : Juno : Hard figures set, I have to say the robot JUNO figure was a surprise to me. Like how ML turn Juno into a robot, Soft Hard figures not a big surprise...but cute..!! But look fun to display them together and have Soft Hard holding on the controller.