Thursday, December 04, 2008

Apexplorer : ICE : Hand Made.

Is been a while already after the release of the ICE on Black Adam by Winson, got an update from Winson that to celebrate 3rd anniversary of Winson Classic Creation he will hand made 20 pcs of ICE from the Apexplorer series. Figure also come with a snow base.

Last hand made Winson did was the Adam that he made into 10 pcs, this time he increase the qty. to 20 pcs so that a little more fans can enjoy.

More photos in crazytoyz : forum at Winson's section. Photos taken by Dr.Rebecca Lee from North Pole.

Update: Price for the figure are $7000 HKD ($903 USD) + shipping $350 HKD ($46 USD), need to wait for about 4-5 months. Need to pay in full now to secure the order.