Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nakanari’s Ninja Spiki.

Know (Tony) Nakanari for some times now, at first his Ninja Spiki paintings and hand made Kaji Cube plush got my attention. I'm happy to see that his new Ninja Spiki figure, because that's the character that I got to know him and his works. Back in March 2008, Nakanari and Dave Ouiles showcased their imaginative works at a duo show called "Technobabble" at myplasticheart in NYC. It was a successful show for them.

Here are the photos of the Ninja Spiki proto. Mai Hiro the new brand created by Tony will be releasing this Ninja Spiki by the Spring of 2009 at KusoVinyl. Figure is about 8" tall and be available in a few editions including the original black/red colorway.

Great stuff Tony, look forward to more update of this Spiki figure. By the way, I will be coming to Orlando next month.