Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ashley Wood : Noir de Plume + Les Mort 13.

Upon my return notice 2 packages arrived at my office. They are the Noir de Plume and Les Mort 13 by Ashley Wood and threeA.

Big surprise on the double side printed cert. with the edition# 7/75. Also, the spray paint smell from the box, and notice they spray painted the box to black. The figure also came with a black 3A tee. Personally I find Noir de Plume look even better than
Nom de Plume. Black is always COOL.

Les Mort 13 produced by How2work and is using Medicom RAH body. I like the outfits on this figure very much. The head sculpt style is a little rough but that bring out Ashley Wood style. I'll look forward to the next 12" release from threeA.