Thursday, August 21, 2008

Michael Lau X Nike BMX [Lighting Bolts] Blazer.

Special thanks to my friend that helped me to get this set from Hong Kong. I really appreciated.

This Nike BMX [Lighting Bolts] Blazer set designed by Michael Lau, the package is bigger than I thought. Way bigger than the previous SKATE:SHOE:BOARD. The track mug box is closed by magnet and is made by vinyl. There is also a tee that come with the set and the mug box is smaller. The figures is cool and the package is just simple plastic bag with header card, I guess that fit the whole old school style for BMX. Both figures are wearing the Lighting Bolts, I like how ML designed the dog with BMX head...haha..!!

I enjoyed the whole package.....figures can even display on the mug box.