Saturday, August 30, 2008


Today CSBOOTH15.5 has 049 Gardener JORDON for those pre-ordered to pick up (still have chance to get the black jersey twothree). Most peeps are concern the new white jersey "twothree" variant. The new "twothree" is available to buy at $2300 HKD each that's about $295 USD each. Yes...they are only limited to 23 pcs, so it sold out very quick.

Also available is the BMX Blazer figure with Tee limited to 20 pcs, it came with one small mug box. It cost $1800+ HKD for the figure and tee set, that's about $220+ USD each.

Today got some previous release available as well, like Mr.shoe, Mindstyle Future womax, Nike Pro figures set.......etc..!!