Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Michael Lau X Nike BMX [Lighting Bolts] Blazer.

The whole package for this Nike BMX [Lighting Bolts] Blazer by Michael Lau look amazing. Honestly if is just the shoe I'm sure many of you won't like it either. But this set with the track mug box, figures....the whole package is awesome. Check out his concept drawing for this Blazer set.

Other than this Blazer Michael also designed the uniform for BMX team China for this Olympic. According to him this is something that he is proud of doing it but at the same time a high pressure project to work on.

The Nike BMX [Lighting Bolts] Blazer limited to 500 sets, and it will be available across China and Hong Kong only be able to get 30+ pairs available. And they are for sell in 3 different stores in HK on August 8. Let see if there will be peeps queue 7 days before the release day. Well..that happened last time when Nike Flag ship shop released the SKATE:SHOE:BOARD.