Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The NY FAT G-Shock was the first watch that Michael designed. This SUBMILGAYTONA is another tribute to his favorite watch brand Rolex, he captured 3 model and sum up into this SUBMILGAYTONA. Each numbered and Michael hand written the number out the box and also the card that come with the set. I find the M.F.J.K. from CSBOOTH15 fun to play with....just twist the head you'll get the dissected face.

Each figure are hand numbered and signed by Michael, his concept for this set is (SAMPLE). He think to collectors, sample figure is something unique and one of a kind. He want to bring this idea to the boxset. The idea for the figure, is that he used to collect G.I JOE figure. One time he saw a special G.I. JOE figure that assembled by different parts. That store manager indicated this is one of a kind G.I. JOE figure. This M.F.J.K. is the result from his memory, he grouped his artists friend Jame Jarvis, Futura, Kaws style into this figure...!!

One thing about the package box, every side of the box look different.

PS: Just realize that blue right hand is actually grow in the dark, just notice it last night.