Monday, July 14, 2008

Boredomsqueezer - Walking Paradise.

- somehow to me is a special group. Especially Alan.....I know him since the very beginning, from doing something that people think he is a copy cat. Until now, I truly think he proof all those peoples wrong. Silently doing what he like to do best...which is creating hand made figures. Many chances he can mass produce his works, but he refuse. He stick with his main interest..."hand made". I own all of the hand made figures that released from Boredomsqueezer, from the first Miku, Kevin and Trueben. Hand made figures is different, it has soul & detail into it and the quality no doubt is artist proof.

Here is the last figure from Boredomsqueezer "Walking Paradise Deluxe Boxset" $675 USD. Remember back in 2006 the Walking Paradise exhibition at LCX in Hong Kong. This deluxe boxset is limited to 21 sets and each set package is a special made hand carry case. Also come with a cert trophy stand with laser engraved text. I know Alan are so proud on what he did to this trophy that look like saddle. And it is colored by Cody Chan. All clothing, shoes and accessories are hand made. They are available now at Bordeomsqueezer.

Boredomsqueezer - appreciated the design and Alan of course your sculpting skill that bring me joy whenever I spend time with the figures. I know this is not the END.........All the best to you, Regina, Alice and Andy.