Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ashley Wood - Nom de Plume.

Open up this faceless commander of the Dirty Deeds - Nom de Plume by Ashley Wood. Other than the package a bit weak, this figure is look cool. This figure is produced by ThreeZero, and they are the one that did the crossover figure BrothersRobber with Brothersfree back in 2002. The figure's mask remind me of BrothersRobber. I guess that's the signature design for ThreeZero.

There are some blood scars on the figure face, and I do like how they added texture to the helmet. The hair for the figure is all fabric, only hand made can put on hair like that. Figure it come with a cert. signed by Ashley Wood and ThreeZero, probably Mr. Fung. Mine is #16/50. This figure set also come with a 1:1 3A tee. With the price tag only $150 USD for a small edition run like this, I have to say is a good deal.