Tuesday, July 15, 2008

049 JORDON + 049X twothree.

This 049 JORDON is 3" taller than all the other Gardener vinyl that are released @ CSBOOTH15. Figure is taller and the package box is taller too. The secret version 049x twothree this time he only produced 30 pcs and mix it up with 049 JORDON. Reason ML created "twothree" as the secret version, is because this year is 23th anniversary for Air Jordan shoe. Again...another tribute to the air man.

ML still want the main focus to be on 049 JORDON, so...he only produce 30 pcs twothree. Whoever got it...should be very very very happy. 300 pcs JORDON sold out on the first day, and they are accept back order on the 2nd day.....wait time will be a month time. For the folks that back ordered, you'll still have the chance to get "twothree".