Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hahahaa..!! Dark Knight secret poster..!!

My friend just send me this image and indicate is Dark Knight secret poster. Yes...Edison Chen is in this movie for 3 sec. and with a blurry shot. Here you go....!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Michael Lau X Nike BMX [Lighting Bolts] Blazer.

The whole package for this Nike BMX [Lighting Bolts] Blazer by Michael Lau look amazing. Honestly if is just the shoe I'm sure many of you won't like it either. But this set with the track mug box, figures....the whole package is awesome. Check out his concept drawing for this Blazer set.

Other than this Blazer Michael also designed the uniform for BMX team China for this Olympic. According to him this is something that he is proud of doing it but at the same time a high pressure project to work on.

The Nike BMX [Lighting Bolts] Blazer limited to 500 sets, and it will be available across China and Hong Kong only be able to get 30+ pairs available. And they are for sell in 3 different stores in HK on August 8. Let see if there will be peeps queue 7 days before the release day. Well..that happened last time when Nike Flag ship shop released the SKATE:SHOE:BOARD.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Michael Lau X Nike BMX [Lighting Bolts] Blazer.

This Michael Lau X NIKE BMX [Lighting Bolts] Blazer with a rider figures and mug track box will be available on AUGUST 8, 08 in Hong Kong. That is the Beijing Olympic opening day. I notice there are some on eBay already and sold over $600 USD. Still don't know how limit this set going to be, let's hope is not going to be as crazy as the SKATE:SHOE:BOARD. Priced at $2008 HKD per pair.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kaws Sobukun.

Got both versions with no hassle 8" Sobukun from Kawsone. It is the first time I see a pair of new release figures in Kawsone for over 40 mins and is still not sold out. Flippers must be MAD MAD...!! I don't really care about the edition run for the figures. As long as you like it and you got it...that's most important.

Heard there might be another color variant release in OriginalFake this Saturday. Will it be a GID version?!

Thanks to my bro Vince for the image.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kaws Sobukun.

Just got an e-mail from KAWSONE that tomorrow at 12EST, they will update their site with the new OriginalFake products, including this new KAWS JPP figures. See if I'm lucky or not this time.

Kaws Sobukun.

This Saturday at OriginalFake Tokyo store, come in yellow and black version. Heard this figure going to be the same size as the Kaws-kun. Is really not a big figure. Wait and see how this figure look like first then decide. Kawsone might have them later or not.

Meter's M.F.J.K.

Meter Chan share the same color scheme M.F.J.K as mine, well I blacken my M.F.J.K. right hand tho.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

why so serious....!!

With this green hair and white face on this M.F.J.K. from CSBOOTH15. It just remind me of this guy. I wouldn't want to draw on the figure, but have some fun in photoshop.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Nike Sportwear : influencers world wide.

Look who's talking in Nike Sportswear site, Michael Lau is one of the Nike influencers world wide that are featured in the site. Influencers include Hiroshi Fujiwara, Eddie Cruz, Paul Mittleman, Li Chen...and more.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ashley Wood - Nom de Plume.

Open up this faceless commander of the Dirty Deeds - Nom de Plume by Ashley Wood. Other than the package a bit weak, this figure is look cool. This figure is produced by ThreeZero, and they are the one that did the crossover figure BrothersRobber with Brothersfree back in 2002. The figure's mask remind me of BrothersRobber. I guess that's the signature design for ThreeZero.

There are some blood scars on the figure face, and I do like how they added texture to the helmet. The hair for the figure is all fabric, only hand made can put on hair like that. Figure it come with a cert. signed by Ashley Wood and ThreeZero, probably Mr. Fung. Mine is #16/50. This figure set also come with a 1:1 3A tee. With the price tag only $150 USD for a small edition run like this, I have to say is a good deal.

Ashley Wood - Dirty Deeds.

Open up the Ashley Wood - Dirty Deeds today. Love the paint job on the figure, most of the ball joints are tight enough. Accessories are details and also the extra bloody heads is really cool. Klim no doubt you guys at Bigshot Toyworks did an awesome job on this. I enjoy this figure so much.....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

my CSBOOTH15 arrived..!!

Arrived early this week from HK my CSBOOTH15, anxious to open up the SUBMILGAYTONA set..........just like a kids opening up his toys..


The NY FAT G-Shock was the first watch that Michael designed. This SUBMILGAYTONA is another tribute to his favorite watch brand Rolex, he captured 3 model and sum up into this SUBMILGAYTONA. Each numbered and Michael hand written the number out the box and also the card that come with the set. I find the M.F.J.K. from CSBOOTH15 fun to play with....just twist the head you'll get the dissected face.

Each figure are hand numbered and signed by Michael, his concept for this set is (SAMPLE). He think to collectors, sample figure is something unique and one of a kind. He want to bring this idea to the boxset. The idea for the figure, is that he used to collect G.I JOE figure. One time he saw a special G.I. JOE figure that assembled by different parts. That store manager indicated this is one of a kind G.I. JOE figure. This M.F.J.K. is the result from his memory, he grouped his artists friend Jame Jarvis, Futura, Kaws style into this figure...!!

One thing about the package box, every side of the box look different.

PS: Just realize that blue right hand is actually grow in the dark, just notice it last night.

049 JORDON + 049X twothree.

This 049 JORDON is 3" taller than all the other Gardener vinyl that are released @ CSBOOTH15. Figure is taller and the package box is taller too. The secret version 049x twothree this time he only produced 30 pcs and mix it up with 049 JORDON. Reason ML created "twothree" as the secret version, is because this year is 23th anniversary for Air Jordan shoe. Again...another tribute to the air man.

ML still want the main focus to be on 049 JORDON, so...he only produce 30 pcs twothree. Whoever got it...should be very very very happy. 300 pcs JORDON sold out on the first day, and they are accept back order on the 2nd day.....wait time will be a month time. For the folks that back ordered, you'll still have the chance to get "twothree".