Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I spot a set of NIKE PRO 20" last week, and it sold for $1999US for the set. Today a fresh one on eBay...this guy got 2 sets and this is the second sets that he is selling. (great number he has for the set...079) The last set he sold it for over $3000 US. Both seller doesn't wanna break the set...=(

I want to get Federer since I already have the other 2 figures..!! I'm always questioning...that the set is not available to public, why this guy got 2 sets for sell..?! I heard that there is a internal sales within NIKE when the figure released, $300 US for the set..dunno if this is true or not. But I heard it from a guy work in NIKE.

My 2 NIKE PRO figures that I purchased is from a NIKE HK lucky draw winner. At that time one of my friend want the Federer, so I end up just buying Kobe & Ronaldinho. Anyone got the Federer and wanna let it go...let me know.!!