Monday, June 30, 2008

Michael Lau : CSBOOTH15 : Gardener Still.

(if you will take my images....please credit back with a link...don't just steal and photoshop...)

First image is the painting that Michael did base on 045 JORDAN for this CSBOOTH.

There will be only one original gardener going to be release from this CSBOOTH15, that is 045 JORDAN.

045 JORDAN is a character that many Gardener fans are waiting for. What even crazy is that the secret version of 045X is number know who..!! Both figures got the official right to wear the NIKE Jordan I.

This secret version produce in very very limited number, according to is about 1 in 10. will be tough.
This Gardener 045 price is increase a little due to this guy is about 2-3" taller than our normal 6" Gardener vinyl.