Friday, June 27, 2008

Michael Lau - CSBOOTH15 - Gardener Still.

Thanks Tomm for the heads up. Here are CSBOOTH15 update images.

First image the figure is called "M.F.J.K. (SAMPLE MICHAEL) not for sale only for you." From this image, the figure look like assemble by different type of designer style..?? Judging from that signature at the back. This "M.F.J.K" is "(M)ichael Lau, (F)utura, (J)ames Jarvis and (K)aws"~! And then "not for sale only for you" that a gift or something...??

Second one is 045 Jordan, I'm expecting this figure to be a bit taller than all the other 6" Gardener vinyl. What even surprise is the figure at the back, the secret version 045X is Michael Jordan. Notice the background, that is 045 Jordan painting on a big canvas for CSBOOTH15.

2bb1: expect to see some color variant other than the orange we saw.

A little surprise so far....!!