Sunday, June 22, 2008

Michael Lau : CSBOOTH15 : Gardener Still.

Here are this week update for CSBOOTH15 GARDENER STILL that will be happening in 2 weeks. Previously we saw "2bb1:" & "Black White Orange". It is clear that this round of release is using Gardener to recreate them to Stanley Kubrick movie iconic character.

This week we have "FAT WEST JACKET". Obviously this figure design is base on another Kubrick movie "FULL METAL JACKET (1987)". The character Pyle from the movie.

Another Kubrick characters that is iconic, should be Jack from Shinning (1980) and Dr.Strangelove (1964). Let's see if he going to do them as well.

Like it or is the update for this week on CSBOOTH15.