Monday, June 30, 2008

Michael Lau : CSBOOTH15 : Gardener Still.

(if you will take my images....please credit back with a link...don't just steal and photoshop...)

CSBOOTH15 is just 4 days away, here is a big update just before the event.

The first image is the painting that Michael did for this CSBOOTH, there are 3 paintings that he did for this event.

You saw the update about M.F.J.K. (SAMPLE MICHAEL) it is figure of Michael himself. Why call it (SAMPLE), the reason Michael like (Sample)..product sample etc. He like the raw feeling of it. And is a tribute figure for Futura, James Jarvis and Kaws. Michael used their style to assemble this figure. But now this set should called "Submilgaytona + M.F.J.K" it will be limited to 200 set.

The figure M.F.J.K. each look different and unique. Since each body part for the figure is all in different color. Head & Body is James Jarvis, Right hand is Futura, Left hand & right leg is Kaws, lower part and left leg is Michael Lau.
One more suprise for this figure is that, there is a hidden face behind the figure. Just twist it then you'll see the Damien Hirst style face. Well many peoples think that is a dissected companion style face.

For the "Submilgaytona" watch. Yes..the name might sound crazy. But...they are the combination of 3 ROLEX watches that Michael like. He combine those 3 watches style into one. Which is "Submarine X Daytona X Gardener". Each watch is numbered and Michael signed on the watch as well.

The boxset will be over $3000 HKD. That's about $384 USD each.

This is going to be a crazy CSBOOTH15......!!!~~