Monday, June 09, 2008

Michael Lau : CSBOOTH15 : Gardener Still.

Wowww...surprise!!....CSBOOTH15...Gardener Still.

A new version of Gardener "BB" that look like an astronaut and called "2bb1:".

The concept behind this "2bb1:" some what inspired by the movie directed by Stanley Kubrick back in 1968, "2001 A Space Obyssey". From the figures astronaut outfit is similar to the one in the movie. I felt that Michael now is more into science fiction and extraterrestrial life. Last time we got '3300 season one'.

During one of his interview last year, I remember he stated that he is not a young guy anymore compare to 1998, he can't create skateboard characters all the time. This might be a change of him...!!

Let's wait and see if this going to be a one figure only or we are expecting a new series.