Saturday, June 14, 2008

Medicom Toy Exhibition 08.

The Medicom Toy is going to host their exhibition 08 at Parco Shibuya on June 21st. Saw some of the exclusive toys for the exhibition at OPENERS, they might show some new Kaws toys.

Kubrick.....RAH figures.....none of them got my attention than this layered wood Bearbrick..!!!
When I saw this layered wood bearbrick first to my mind is Nakagawa Takeji from Take-G toys. The style is look so much like the wood toys by Nakagawa Takeji. But this layered wood bearbrick is by Karimoku, a Japan furniture brand.

This layered wood bearbrick is limited to 150 pcs in Japan and cost 62790 yen. That's about $600+ USD each. Other than my dark wood Kaws Nexus Bearbrick...this layered wood BB is my other favorite.