Thursday, June 05, 2008

James Jarvis : BxH X AMOS TOY : KING KUN

Say good-bye to the Kaws 4fter....!! And say hello to this KING KUN that just arrive today from Tokyo. Special thanks to my friend Tameto san to surprise me with this guy. This is a great piece to have since I don't have any BXH figures. Skull Kun combine with James Jarvis King Ken. This is what we got.."KING KUN".

The background for this piece is more interesting other than the design. Back in 1998 James Jarvis was the first series of artists that worked with
BXH to create a figure called "SILAS MARTIN". At that time KAWS [companion 99] and Frank Kozik [smoking rabbit] released their first figure as well with BXH. All all those figures has became a classic. This KING KUN is to celebrate the 10th years for James Jarvis in the toys scene. What better than release a figure back with BXH to mark this milestone.