Thursday, June 19, 2008

Eric So X Palm Boy Statue.

Back in last year October, I visited Eric So studio and I saw this Palm Boy Statue original sculpt already. But at that time I didn't post any pictures of that little guy. Now it is all reveal. Haven't see new figure from Eric for a while now, I'm still waiting for his HellBoy Sapien.

It is a crossover statues Eric So with Devilock's Palmboy mascot. The design is more like a carton style and with the realistic style that Eric currently are doing for his 12" figures. Love that rough surface style, the guitar on the statues must be the reason to call this DeviRock instead of Devilock. The statues is limited to 80pcs and cost 21000 yen, that's about $210 US each. It is available at eproze and is only for resident in Japan.