Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Michael Lau X Nike BMX [Lighting Bolts] Blazer.

Less than 88 days away to the Olympic in Beijing. China BMX team was qualify for the first time in this year Olympic. During the "Nike Looks China" Olympic uniform press conference at the Forbidden City. It announced this year China BMX team uniform is designed by Michael Lau. Along side...he also designed a BMX number sign, a special BMX Blazer...and of course a figure coming with the [Lighting Bolts] Blazer of himself wearing the BMX uniform that he designed.

For the China BMX team uniform he kept the China flag, yellow..and then add a dragon pattern for the design. But why Blazer?? According to Michael....he want to choose another style instead, but Nike only gave him Dunk SB or Blazer. Last time he already done a SKATE:SHOE:BOARD Dunk SB, and the history behind BMX is already 40 years, the whole project is kind of old skool, so with no choice....he gotta take the Blazer.

Nike did gave him a lot of creative space, you can just see it from the shoe box. His last Dunk SB SKATE:SHOE:BOARD...used a wood shoe box. As for the figure it is Michael himself wearing the uniform...the dog the same design that he did for the BMX number plate.

During the release of SKATE:SHOE:BOARD last time, people start lining up at the Nike flag ship store at Hong Kong a week before the official release day. Is because the shoe is limited to 106 pairs. Let see if this time this Lighting Bolts Blazer is very limited~!?! But for sure...this going to attract many NIKE & Michael's fans. Is look like Michael going to release this shoes with figure and the S.F.J.J. in JUNE....we'll see if is official..!!!